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The tax company people are happy to hear from.

That brown envelope being posted through your door can feel stressful and overwhelming. You’re met with jargon you don’t understand, phone line queues that are hours long, and that feeling in your stomach where you just don’t really know what to do.

That’s where we come in – your go-to tax specialists.

Since launching the business in 2021, we have been dedicated tax specialists committed to alleviating your worries and providing you with peace of mind. Whether you’re embroiled in tax disputes, navigating through tax tribunals, or facing rigorous tax investigations, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our number one objective is to transform what might feel like an overwhelming ordeal into a situation that is both manageable and controlled. Here’s everything you need to know about NHD Tax Solutions.

Team Members

  • Image of Rebecca Hunt

    Rebecca Hunt

    Head of Operations

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  • Image of Andrew Payne

    Andrew Payne

    Head of Indirect Tax

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  • Image of Saad Daji

    Saad Daji

    Tax Dispute Consultant

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  • Image of Nick Davies

    Nick Davies

    Managing Director

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  • Image of Sarah Scala

    Sarah Scala


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  • Image of Hazel Powell

    Hazel Powell

    Office Manager

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  • Image of Lynton Allwood

    Lynton Allwood

    Tax Disputes Consultant

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Photo of Nick Davies of NHD Tax Solutions

Our Story

Having reached the age of 60, and worked in tax for over 40 years, Nick had a decision to make. He could retire and live a peaceful life, or he could launch into his next project.

Anyone who knows Nick knows that retirement was never an option!

So instead, he decided to create the firm he would have liked to have been employed in when first starting his career. Only weeks later, Nick hit the road with his laptop in one hand, and mobile phone in the other.

Fast forward to now, and Nick has a fully-fledged team of experts behind him. Nick is building a company known for its quality expertise in tax and its care for both clients and the team.

Our mantra: when we look after our people, we look after our clients even better.

Want to know more about NHD Tax Solutions? Get in touch today.

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Customer Testimonials

Great advice put in plain English! The firm has an in-depth knowledge of tax enquiry issues and how to challenge HMRC. A priceless resource!”

Extremely professional and outstanding service! I used Nick’s services following an investigation notice from HMRC. He guided me through a lengthy and extremely stressful tax case. Nick’s calm and approachable manner was of great support. If it wasn’t for his great advice and determination HMRC would have taken me to bankruptcy and closed my business. However, by using Nick’s service we were able to win our tax case and close down the investigation without penalty! Nick truly saved more than my business. I am forever grateful to Nick and cannot recommend his services enough.

Tax advice fighting your corner. I have worked with Nick Davies on a number of complicated and indeed relatively novel HMRC cases. One thing for sure is that when HMRC come for you there is a need to be ready for battle on a number of fronts. Nick has coordinated such operations expertly and together we have achieved some excellent results for clients. He is tenacious and combative when he needs to be and is a great ally when you are in the trenches. His knowledge, tactical awareness and preparations are equalled by his approach, his rapport and his desire to get the job done. It is a pleasure to work with Nick and I am sure that this venture will be a great success with him at the helm.

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