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Expert Tax Dispute Services

When you’re faced with “trouble with the taxman”, we will step in and give you the specialist support and guidance you need.

At NHD Tax Solutions Ltd, we deal with all types of investigations and situations. Tax is a fact of life but you only need to pay what is legally due.

We will work with you to ensure your HMRC dispute is dealt with quickly and fairly, and we’ll ensure your point of view is put forward in a robust and effective way.

Specialist expertise of over 40 years

When we say nothing is impossible, we mean it. Our team’s collective experience means we’re able to support clients throughout various dispute scenarios, with our primary goal being to get you the best possible outcome. Our areas of specialism include:

Compliance checks and enquiries

Business, company and individual compliance checks, and enquiries, working alongside you or managing the investigation on your behalf, thereby reducing the stress of the situation.

Employer compliance reviews

Employment tax is a notoriously difficult area of taxation. At NHD Tax Solutions we work with employers across all areas of payroll, expenses and benefits, plus the national minimum wage.

Residence/domicile enquiries

Involving questions of tax residence in the UK, plus tax in relation to domicile status. These are often detailed, stressful and intrusive types of investigation with HMRC seeking large amounts of information to make their cases.

Schedule 36 information notices

Schedule 36 provides a framework which dictates what information HMRC is entitled to while checking that taxpayers are paying the correct amount. However, Schedule 36 notices can be appealed if there is no legal basis for the taxpayer to comply.

Transfer of liabilities

HMRC have the power to issue Personal Liability Notices which allows them to transfer company liability of PAYE, NIC and VAT to directors, and enforce requirements for security against future PAYE & VAT (providing our expertise in situations where ‘phoenixism’ is suspected).

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR is an alternative method of handling a HMRC dispute which can avoid the costs, stress and uncertainty of the Tax Tribunal process. This can benefit you by saving costs, stress and uncertainty.

Tax appeals and tribunals

NHD Tax Solutions Ltd has expertise in representing clients in the Tax Tribunal. From mitigating or removing unfair penalties and having late appeals accepted to presenting the legal flaws in HMRC’s case we can assist you to achieve justice in a cost-effective manner.

How it works

Step 1: Getting to know your story

To understand how we can help you through a dispute process, it’s important to get to know your story. In a non-judgemental chat, we’ll talk through your situation and discuss exactly what you need.

Step 2: Making recommendations

Based on our chat we will pull together our recommendations for an approach which will limit the stress placed on you throughout a dispute resolution.

Step 3: Ongoing representation

Once mobilised, we will represent you throughout the entire dispute process. Our goal is to give you peace of mind that you’ll get the best possible outcome.

Are you involved in a HMRC Dispute?

If you’re looking for experienced support, advice and management of a dispute or investigation, contact NHD Tax Solutions Ltd.

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