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Voluntary Disclosures

No more sleepless nights over tax

Making voluntary disclosures is your admission to HMRC that you haven’t notified them of a tax liability.

You shouldn’t be spending your energy worrying about losing your home or going to prison.

A voluntary disclosure could be the difference between you being charged criminally, and a civil conclusion.

The way you manage a disclosure makes a big difference to its outcome.

A voluntary disclosure means that you, the taxpayer, come forward and provide HMRC with information about previous liabilities. This can happen in one of two ways.

Prompted Disclosure

A prompted disclosure is where HMRC approach you and requires you to make a disclosure – giving them the information needed – based on a liability they have found.

Unprompted Disclosure

With this type of disclosure, there isn’t an approach from HMRC. Instead, you approach HMRC as the taxpayer to make your tax record up to date. This is often looked at favourably when considering a penalty position.

How it works

Step 1: Getting to know your story

To understand how we can help you through a disclosure, it’s important to get to know your story. In a non-judgemental chat, we’ll talk through your situation and discuss exactly what you need.

Step 2: Making recommendations

Based on our chat we will pull together our recommendations for an approach which will limit the stress placed on you throughout a disclosure..

Step 3: Ongoing representation

We then make a disclosure to the appropriate point of MHRC for each type, based on your circumstances, to ensure dealt with sensibly and proportionately and doesn’t extend into a fishing expedition

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