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Why choose tax dispute specialists and NOT Your Accountant

Choosing who represents you for a tax investigation by HMRC can be very crucial to the outcome of the investigation. We believe that person should not be your accountant, but instead tax dispute specialists. Because, while accountants are essential for managing your financial records and preparing tax returns, tax investigations often require a higher level of expertise and specialist knowledge.

At NHD Tax Solutions, we believe that engaging a tax investigations specialist like us for a tax investigation instead of relying solely on your accountant will always be a prudent decision because: 

Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Resources

As tax dispute specialists, we have experience in representing clients in disputes with HMRC. We understand the processes and procedures involved in dealing with tax investigations and can guide how to respond effectively. We have expertise in dealing with complex tax issues and investigations, which can be beneficial to you in navigating the intricacies of your case. These experiences have been gained from years of practising as a tax dispute expert and from working as HMRC investigators. 

Because tax disputes or investigations are all we do, we have the resources to support you throughout the investigation ensuring all deadlines are met.  Your accountant may not have the resources to deal with HMRC because oftentimes, this is not their expertise, and they have other clients to service and bill rather than spend several hours on your investigation which they may not be able to charge because they did the original work under investigation so you may expect them to correct it without a fee. This often results in delayed communication or misinterpretation of HMRC’s procedures that could add to the woes of the taxpayer under investigation.

Independent Perspective

While accountants play a vital role in preparing financial statements and tax returns, they may have a pre-existing relationship with HMRC as your agent for tax compliance. This could be seen as having a potential conflict of interest. It’s for this reason, that they might not be able to provide you with independent advice during a tax investigation.

This perceived conflict of interest could make it difficult for the HMRC caseworker to separate you from your accountant.

Such situations can be very detrimental to you the taxpayer, in particular when HMRC is assessed a penalty. As independent tax dispute specialists, our involvement in your case tacitly proves to HMRC that you take a reasonable approach to your tax affairs. It helps to separate you from your accountant. The results of this can be huge savings for you.

Negotiation and Resolution Skills

As tax dispute specialists we possess strong negotiation and resolution skills necessary for resolving tax investigations. We can engage with HMRC on your behalf, negotiate settlements, and explore options for resolving tax disputes. This may not be the primary focus of an accountant.

Complex Tax Situations

Your tax situation may be particularly complex, involving:

  • International taxation
  • code of practice 9 or 8 (COP 9,8)
  • tax avoidance and evasion
  • intricate tax planning.

In cases like this, independent experts like us may be better equipped to handle your case. In more serious tax investigations, such as criminal tax fraud cases or COP9 where HMRC starts their investigation with intentions to prosecute, having us at your side from the beginning can be crucial in ensuring HMRC disregards the intention to prosecute and just focus on any unpaid tax. The accountant’s training does not involve such a complex tax situation. Therefore, involving an accountant could end up making your situation even more complex.

While accountants are essential for maintaining accurate financial records and preparing tax returns, they may not have the expertise or training required to handle complex tax investigations. 

We always advocate that you seek the assistance of a tax dispute expert when dealing with tax disputes and investigations. It’s important to do this while still working closely with their accountants for ongoing financial and tax compliance matters.

It’s important to note that your accountant and tax dispute expert work together to provide comprehensive support during an investigation. In many cases, we will collaborate to leverage our respective expertise. Collaborative efforts between us yield the best results in most cases. However, when legal or contentious issues are involved, having us as part of your team can help protect your interests and ensure the best possible outcome.

Get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about what keeps you awake at night about your tax affairs. Let us find a solution together.

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